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Giant Inflatable Rainbow Arch with Clouds

Updated: 4 days ago

Custom Giant Inflatable Rainbow Arch with Clouds Amindi
Custom Giant Inflatable Rainbow Arch with Clouds Amindi
Giant Custom Inflatable Rainbow Arch with Clouds Amindi
Giant Custom Inflatable Rainbow Arch with Clouds Amindi

Inflatable stage props come in a great variety. From detailed replicas to custom made products like this vibrant Rainbow arch, we can make virtually anything you want. Since we design and manufacture all of our inflatable products in-house, we have creative freedom to manufacture some really cool stuff. This vibrant inflatable rainbow arch was uniquely designed and custom printed for the singer-songwriter Amindi.

The custom inflatable prop was designed to be fun and inviting. The colorful rainbow was made with two clouds as its bases, providing a stable footprint when fully tethered. Featuring a full color digital print, this custom inflatable arch was completely covered in ink, giving it a more professional look while increasing appeal. The color stripes even had a crayon effect and the clouds looked like they were made of felt. Little details like that make custom inflatables really stand out.

We manufacture our arches with durability in mind. Our inflatable arches are constructed using commercial grade polyester and vinyl materials that are certified fire resistant as well as U.V. coated for extra protection against the sun’s harmful rays. On top of that, our inflatables are water resistant, and can be used during the rain if placed on a platform that won’t collect water.

Our custom inflatable arches can be made for a variety of events. Additionally, we make arches for races and marathons, like start/finish arches as well as other racing events. We have also made promotional arches with the bases as beer bottles that can be used to promote a new beer or even energy drinks. The possibilities are truly endless. Give us a call for a quote today. Made in the USA.



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