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Giant Inflatable Advertising Balloons

Need exposure! Want to create Awareness! You want to make a statement!

Our Giant Hot Air Balloon Shape Balloons along with a message or banner can certainly create an impact and provide the exposure needed to attract attention to your store or location.

Do You Manufacture Your Hot Air Balloon Inflatables Or Do You Purchase Them Overseas?
All our Giant Rooftop Hot Air Balloon Shaped Inflatables are manufactured in the United States in our 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Los Angeles California. You're dealing directly with the manufacturer and all materials used for the manufacturing of our hot air balloon Inflatables are U.S made.

Who uses Cold Air Hot Air Balloon Shapes?
Any business that is looking to attract attention or to create customer awareness with our colorful and vibrant hot air balloon shaped Inflatables.

Which Industries Use Cold Air Hot Air Balloon Shapes?
Fast Food Franchises, Event Planners, Trade Shows and Small businesses, or any type of business that may need exposure to create awareness and stimulate sales. Even Casino Planners, Stage and Theater Groups as well as Film and Production companies use them for commercials or movies.

What's Your Turnaround Time For A Standard Color or Custom Designed Hot Air Balloon Shape Inflatable with our Logos and Graphics?
Depending on the season; For our Standard Design it will take 1 to 2 weeks. For a Custom design it will take 2 to 3 weeks.

What colors do you have available for Hot Air Balloon Shaped Inflatables?
Our Hot Air Balloon Shaped Inflatables come in 7 standard colors to choose from- White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple and Green. Our most popular are our Multi-colored and our patriotic red, white and blue.
If you have a particular PMS color that you need we can certainly provide you with your request for an additional fee. Custom Color turnaround is 2 to 3 weeks. That does not include our normal turnaround time for a hot air balloon shape inflatable.

Only Company in the United States To Offer A Fire Retardant On All Materials Used For Manufacturing Custom Shaped Inflatables and Hot Air Balloon Shape Inflatables

All materials used in the manufacturing process of our Custom Inflatables and hot air balloon shapes come with a Fire Retardant. There has been no regulatory body like the NFPA or CSFM that require Inflatable material manufacturers to use a fire retardant on all materials made and sold to the Inflatable manufacturers in the United States. Unfortunately almost 95% of manufactured Inflatables in the United States will not come with a Fire Retardant. It's even worse when your Inflatable is manufactured from an overseas company.

Stringent enforcement by Fire Marshals of fire certifications for custom shaped Inflatables at event sites, festivals and trade shows has become common where in the past they were an oversight. You can be assured that your event will not be negatively affected by a Fire Marshall for not having a fire certification when you purchase your hot air balloon shape inflatable from Creatable Inflatables. As a standard practice all Inflatables manufactured by Creatable Inflatables come with a fire certification.

Where are Cold Air Hot Air Balloon Shapes Installed?
Most commonly Hot Air Balloon Shapes are installed on Rooftops of businesses where they're not easily accessible. About 85% of cold air hot air balloon shape installations occur on Rooftops. Ground installations require manning mainly due to safety concerns due to high wind conditions, electrical failure and possible theft.
The benefits of a rooftop installation are that hot air balloon shapes are not easily accessible which is a great theft deterrent. Rooftop Installations of cold air hot air balloons also provide better exposure due to the higher elevation which normally on a single story building is around 12 to 20' in height.

Can Anyone Install A Cold Air Hot Air Balloon Shape?
Rooftop Balloon Installation: We strongly recommend that you hire a company that is experienced in the installation of hot air balloon shapes especially on a rooftop since usually it requires that several holes be drilled into the rooftop membrane to apply eyebolts used for tethering the cold air rooftop balloon (hot air balloon shape).
Ground Installation: 8', 10' 15', 20', 25' and 30' tall Hot Air Balloon Shapes can be installed on the ground providing you follow our step by step instructions or view our installation video on YouTube. Any hot air balloon shape inflatable that is taller than 20' we recommend you hire an experienced installation company.

Giant Hot Air Balloon Shapes For Rental
Our Hot Air Balloon Shapes are available for rental in Southern California only. Our typical rental fleet are 25' and 30' tall Multi-colored and Patriotic Hot Air Balloon Shapes. We cover from Santa Barbara County down to San Diego and all of Los Angeles City and County. If you're outside of our coverage we can always try recommending a company that is near your location.

Giant Rooftop Hot Air Balloon Shapes For Sale
Looking to create a personalized custom hot air balloon shape with your logo and graphics? You came to the right place. One of our account executives along with our experienced Inflatable Designers will help you with every step of the process from start to completion. To get started just send us your logo and graphics, size and colors of your cold air hot air balloon shape and we'll create a visual rendering for your approval.

For more information Please call us at (626) 579-4454 or fill out the fields on the bottom side. Thank You for visiting Creatable Inflatables.

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