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Giant custom inflatable bottles - Pepsi, Monster Energy Drinks, Rum Blue Chair Bay

Custom Giant Inflatable Bottles & Cans

Interested in Inflatable Bottles for sale? Interested in Inflatable Cans for Sale? Look no further. Creatable Inflatables located in Los Angeles California is the Leading Custom Inflatables Manufacturer in the United States. Custom Inflatables such as Inflatable Replicas; (Inflatable Bottles, Inflatable Cans) Inflatable Characters; Inflatable Dome Tents; Inflatable Arches; Inflatable Props and much more.

Number One Inflatable Manufacturer of Custom Inflatables in the United States
Creatable Inflatables has been manufacturing Custom Inflatables since 1984. We have almost 34 years of manufacturing experience under our belt.

Giant Inflatable Bottles and Inflatable Cans, Used To Attract Attention
Giant Custom Inflatables have become very popular all over the United States as well as all over the Globe.

Our Most popular Giant Custom Inflatables are our Inflatable Cans and Inflatable Bottles. Many beverage companies use them for promotional purposes at Events, Festivals and Trade Shows. Inflatable Cans & Inflatable Bottles are great advertising tool to attract event or festival goers.

Inflatable Cans & Inflatable Bottles Have Become Very Popular with Breweries
The Brewery Industry has exploded and grown exponentially just in the last 5 years all over the United States and abroad. The Brewery Industry is one of our most consistent custom base and they usually purchase Inflatable Bottles and Inflatable cans that range in size from 6' tall all the way up to as high as 50'. The Standard heights we provide are usually 8' tall up to 25' in height. Larger size Inflatable Bottles or Inflatable Cans are sometimes requested by a Brewery & Beverage Companies so they can make a bigger statement and attract attention from much further away at any event or festival.

Both Inflatable the Inflatable Bottle and Inflatable Can are the most commonly sold Inflatable Replicas

Best Inflatable Design Staff Of Custom Inflatables In The World
Creatable Inflatables without any doubt has the World's best Inflatable Designers. Our Inflatable Design Staff each have well over 20 years experience under their belts designing Custom Shaped Inflatables.

Offer The Best Warranty for Most Custom Inflatables
Most of our Custom Shaped Inflatables manufactured by Creatable Inflatables come with a 3 year warranty on Workmanship & Materials.

Best & Most Durable Fabrics Used to Manufacture Custom Shaped Inflatables
We not only use United States made Materials for all Custom Inflatables we also provide the most durable fabrics that extend the lifespan of any Inflatable we manufacture.

U. V Inhibitors Is Used On All Materials
All materials used in the construction of Custom Shaped Inflatables come with an Ultra Violet Inhibitor which offers protection for the harmful U.V rays. U.V Inhibitors are used on our Vinyl & Polyester materials. Our thread also has U.V protection as well.

Fire Retardant Coating Used On All Materials
All materials used in the construction of our Custom Inflatables come with a Fire Retardant Coating. All our materials are approved by the National Fire Protection Agency.

Looking To Manufacture A Customized Inflatable Can or Inflatable Bottle
Send us your design and we'll create a 3D rendering of what your Inflatable Can or Inflatable Bottle will look like. You're sales person will work hand in hand with our Inflatable Design Staff to tailor an Inflatable Bottle or Inflatable Can using your graphics, logos and Pantone colors.

Available Sizes
Our Custom Inflatable Bottles and Cans range in size from 6' up to 30' tall in height. If you have a particular size in mind for a Customized Inflatable let our Sales Staff know. We can certainly accommodate your needs.

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