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Custom inflatable burrito carnitas Del Real replica

Custom Inflatable Product Replicas

We can create inflatables out of practically any shape.

Custom giant inflatable Pepsi soda bottle

Custom Giant Inflatable Bottles

Many beverage companies use them for promotional purposes at Events

Custom branded inflatable Twisted Tea arch with cans

Custom Inflatable Arches

Branded inflatable arches for special events, races or marathons

Giant Custom Inflatables

Creatable Inflatables has successfully built a name with a distinction of superior inflatable design expertise that is recognized worldwide. For over 30 years, Creatable Inflatables has engineered highly specialized inflatable design for noteworthy projects completed for the Film and Television Industry, Super Bowl, Product Launches, Trade Shows, Festivals, Theater, Concerts, and many more industries.

Areas of design sophistication include: Personalized Branded Tents, Pop Up Tents with Graphics and Logos, and a myriad of other unique Promotional Products that also reflect company brand. Because we believe that creativity is infinite, our team is constantly innovating around new and existing designs to offer our clients.

Creatable Inflatables is your ONE STOP SHOP for highly dynamic, effective Promotional Products. Our product gallery ranges from Giant Custom Designed Inflatable Props, Inflatable Dome Tents, Product Replicas, Sports Inflatables, Tents in Motion, Flags and Pennants, Custom Tents with Graphics, Inflatable Archways, and much more which are ideally suited as highly effective Advertising Tools whether you are participating in a Trade Show, Festival, Special Promotion, Product Launch, or other Special Event.

Personalized Corporate Branded Tents & Canopies for Promotional Purposes such as the popular 10' by 10' to the 10' by 20' Pop Up Tents & Canopies with Logos or Graphics which are digitally printed directly onto Tent Tops and Sidewalls are expertly sealed with a Dura Coat. This coating will prove to minimize surface scratches and add longevity to your personalized Tent or Canopy product.

Large Format Digital Printing and Dye Sublimation: Creatable Inflatables offers both Large Format Digital Printing along with immaculate finish with Dye Sublimation; allowing our team the license to facilitate printing on a variety of materials. From our 40,000 square foot Los Angeles based manufacturing facility, we print and manufacture banners, Custom Inflatable Props, Parasols, Umbrellas, Personalized Table Skirts brandishing your company brand with impeccable detail.

Inflatable Tents & Inflatable Dome Tents are the preferred method for Mobile Marketing and Advertising Agencies as well as Fortune 500 Companies because of the tremendously successful impact this product has on their events. Typically the Personalized Inflatable Tents and Inflatable Dome Tents are branded with Giant Logos which generate an incredible amount of enthusiasm among event guests. Consult a Creatable Inflatables Account Executive today about your project needs; together we will identify a product that will make the greatest impact for your event and budget needs.

Large Inflatable Billboards also referred to as Inflatable Signs are available in two styles: One powered by a continuous air blower and the other as a sealed unit. Both will be equally successful at attracting clients to your location.

Custom Inflatable Misting Stations: Creatable Inflatables also offers refreshing Misting Stations which are compatible with an attractive amount of space; ideal for advertising your brand at outdoor summer Concerts, Festivals, Sporting Events, or other Special Events.

Creatable Inflatables offers Inflatable Rentals of the largest, most awe inspiring Giant Custom Themed Inflatable Props in the World! These inflatable rentals range in sizes starting at 5 feet up to 54 feet in length! Awesome! For a more detailed look into our extensive Themed Inflatable Prop inflatable prop collection, please visit our gallery. Inflatable Props will make your event POP with more pizzazz.

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