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Custom Inflatable Characters & Mascots

Custom inflatable characters can be used for a variety of events and will dramatically increase your exposure wherever you set them up. We make our inflatable characters out of commercial grade materials that are guaranteed to last. These inflatable characters are best suited for outdoor applications where people can see them from afar.  Equipped with heavy duty blower systems, our inflatable characters are designed to thrive in the elements. 


The material we use for all of our inflatables is a thick vinyl coated polyester that will not crack. Additionally, our printing department applies a protective coating to all the inflatables that are manufactured. The coating protects the vibrant artwork from fading by blocking out harmful UV radiation. Our inflatable material is also waterproof and certified fire resistant. 

Custom inflatable Daytona State College falcon team mascot

Looking to make your mascot into an inflatable character? We’ll make it happen. Simply send us an image of your mascot or character and our design team will create a mock up for you to see. We can create many complex shapes and designs that will intrigue anyone that looks upon them. We can make your inflatable as big and as cool as you want. Boost your exposure and watch your business grow.  Give us a call today. Made in the USA.

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