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Giant Inflatable Food Props

The most effective way to promote your specialty food items is to allow experienced cold air inflatable designers at Creatable Inflatables to create a Giant Custom Inflatable Prop version of your food or beverage item. The Giant Custom Inflatable Prop concept is more effective than giving away food sample because the giant inflatable prop stimulates the appetite of the onlooker even before they've sampled your product.

The Giant Inflatable Prop that reflects your company's specialty may be used at Trade Shows, Festivals, and other promotional events throughout the calendar year. The Giant Inflatable Prop is easy to set up and take down and has proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool. Attract new and existing customers to your location with a Giant Inflatable Prop of your delicious food items. Inform your Account Executive if you prefer your company's unique branding on the actual food item which our design team is masterful at executing.

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