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Custom Inflatable Movie Props



Conveniently Located
Only 20 minutes away from most major studios, our close proximity allows you to interact with our design team without the hassle of needless travel expenses.

Quality Custom Design
With 18 years of design experience, we are experts in simple and complex shapes, both large and small scale. We are one of a few premier builders worldwide capable of creating inflatables with impeccable detail and style.

Structural Modifications
During the design phase of your inflatable, between conception and completion, structural modifications are sometimes required. Our team of skilled designers can provide technical support quickly and professionally; response time is immediate, no delays.

Save Time and Money
Studios can avoid undue down time as a result of repairs or design adjustments. Avoid traveling far to interact with inflatable designers. Avoid having to pay shipping costs.

Inflatables Repair Site
Since we're conveniently located repairs are done in minutes even while you wait. Instead of having to travel long hours or having to ship to another inflatable company (located in another state), which can take days, remember down time can get very costly.

World's Largest Selection of Theme Inflatables
From Tropical to Egyptian, Safari Animals to Sea Life, Creatable Inflatables offers over 1,200 larger than life Inflatables of almost every theme imaginable. Sizes range from 6' up to 35' tall and as long as 60'.

Industry Experience
Throughout the years we have proudly served as a primary vendor to such studios as: Universal; Twentieth Century Fox; Disney; DreamWorks; Sony Pictures; Miramax Pictures and Warner Bros.

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