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Giant Outer Space Inflatables

Destination: Mars. Vessel: NASA Orion. Our solar system welcomes you. Where would you like to visit next? Venus? Perhaps Jupiter? Our Outer Space inflatables contain all the planets in our solar system. We even have Earth’s moon and the sun! You can see all its helium-hydrogen fusing goodness with high quality digital printing that is out of this world. Too cheesy? We’ll tone it down. On top of having cool planets, we also make inflatable NASA rocket ships as well as the Orion spaceship. We also carry some friendly looking aliens that look eerily reminiscent to something… Did we mention we also make inflatable flying saucers also known as UFOs? Our inflatable planets are the more popular choice, and most of them are rented out as a set. Our planet inflatables are perfect for museums, schools, planetariums, and special events. We offer our planets in two different inflation styles, continuous and airtight. Our continuous blower models contain an internal air inflator that must stay on in order to maintain inflation. However, we also carry our airtight inflatable planets that only need to be inflated once and are closed off. Our airtight inflatable planets can maintain inflation for days at a time before needing to be refilled. Made in the USA. 

15 ft. Giant inflatable Zappos astronaut
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