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Custom Inflatable Logos

Custom Inflatable Logos are great marketing props that can be used in a wide array of events and applications. Since sizes vary from logo to logo, we can literally make them any size you want, within our limitations of course! But really anything between 4’-80’ is within capabilities. How big are you looking to get your logo? Do you want it to be two-dimensional or three-dimensional? Do you want it with a base or with no base? Do you want a cutout of your logo, or does it need a border? The design possibilities are endless. 


When it comes to inflatable logo replicas, we’ve been making them for over 35 years. Our techniques have been improved and refined over the years, which is why our newest designs look better than ever. Our in-house printing department specializes in printing vibrant and colorful hi-res art on flexible and durable materials that are designed to be in the elements. 

custom inflatable logo banner Law Tigers with tiger head

If you’re interested in getting a custom inflatable logo, shoot us an email and we’ll help you out. All of our inflatable logos are commercial grade and manufactured in our South El Monte, California facility just outside downtown Los Angeles. 

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