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Custom Inflatable Spider Dome Tents

Dome tents are unique and eye-catching inflatable shelter that can dramatically boost your exposure. These inflatable tents can be fully printed or can feature select printing throughout. Since we manufacture all of our inflatable spider frame dome tents, we can make them in any size that you want. We have many customization options to choose from. If we have a design that we have previously made and you like how it looks, we can make one similar. In the past, we’ve made some dome tents look like planets and stars, and yet we’ve also made some domes look like burgers. Our spider frame dome tents feature an inner spider frame as well as an exterior cover. We can customize the covers to partially, or completely cover the dome. Entrances can be modified to be hanging strips, zipper doors, or actual physical doors. We can also modify these dome tents so that you can install portable air conditioners for those extra hot days. 

Inflatable promotional spider dome tent Coconut Pure Water

Our dome tents come in two styles, baffled and tubular. Our Spider frame dome tents are of the tubular style, whereas our baffled domes look more like igloos. Our baffled domes do not have a spider frame, but most of the time the cover on baffled domes is attached to the body of the inflatable. We can also create custom tunnels to join multiple domes for a more interactive experience. 


Since we manufacture all of our inflatable dome tents in California, we can customize them with printed logos or graphics of your choice. When you purchase a dome tent from us, know that we are using commercial grade materials that are guaranteed to last. The polyester and vinyl materials we use are 100% waterproof and NFPA certified fire resistant. 

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