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Commercial Inflatable Tunnel Tents

Custom inflatable tunnel tents come in many styles and varieties. Since we manufacture these commercial inflatable tents, we can make them look however you want, with whatever logos, text, colors, or images. Our talented design team will make a detailed mockup for you so you can get a visual of what the product will look like when it’s complete. The customization options are truly endless. Want to print just a few sections? That’s okay with us. Heck, you don’t have to get any printing at all if you don’t want to. Custom printing lets people know what you’re all about though, so it’s usually a good idea to get some printing, even if it’s just a few big logos on the ends. However, if you’re looking use the inflatable tunnel tent for various applications, custom banners can be placed on the tent, virtually anywhere you want. Again, the customization has no bounds. 


When it comes to durability, our inflatable tents excel. We construct our inflatable tunnel tents with commercial grade polyester and vinyl materials that are 100% waterproof and NFPA certified fire resistant. On top of that, all of our tents are coated with a protective UV coating that extends the lifespan of the graphics and material. 

Custom giant commercial inflatable tunnel tent Puebla

We make two main styles for our tunnel tents: baffled and tubular. Our baffled units are often a single piece with all the artwork and graphics integrated into the body of the inflatable. Whereas our tubular units have two pieces, a frame and a printed cover. Tubular tunnels will have an inflatable frame made from a series of tubes, hence “tubular.” With this style of tent, a printed cover is placed over the non-printed tunnel frame. Both styles have their advantages and disadvantages, so it really just comes down to person preference. 


Give us a call today and we’ll help you throughout every step of the process. Made in the USA. 

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