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Inflatable Musical Instruments

Get into the rhythm like nothing else on the planet exists. You know that zone where you just lose yourself to the sounds? It’s almost like you don’t have control and something else takes over. Some musical instruments have that effect on us and it’s mesmerizing. Share that musical passion with everyone and never look back. Our giant inflatable musical instruments are fun and interactive props that would be great to promote local musical festivals. We offer our inflatable instruments in several styles, including: multiple guitars both electric and acoustic, maracas, and several conga drums. Our inflatable instruments are constructed with commercial grade materials that are waterproof as well as certified fire resistant. We also use a protective coating that extends the lifespan of the material and digitally printed graphics. Interested in renting? We offer these inflatable props for rental and purchase. There is no minimum rental period, so feel free to get it for as long as your event needs it. Made in the USA. 

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