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Giant Inflatable Reptiles

The versatility of cold air inflatable props is vibrantly evident in the specialty Reptiles section of our inventory. The Giant King Cobra, Iguana, and Lizard Props are extremely popular designs because of their impeccable appearance as a result of exquisite design detail. Our Creative Design Team takes pride in every aspect of production from concept to creation. Ultimately, the inflatable props themselves take on a life all their own when used in creative ways with each client event. Also, every reptile appears to have a realistic effect because of the excellent craftsmanship that was invested in their creation. These designs have been used in a variety settings such as Trade Shows, Festivals, Photo Shoots, Museums, Fundraisers, and other special events. Combine the Giant Custom Inflatable Reptile Prop with your special event and slither and scurry into success, with a quickness!

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