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Day of the Dead Inflatables

Dia De Los Muertos is a time to rejoice. With different cultures, come different perspectives, and for many Mexicans the day of the dead represents a time to remember their past loved ones through a positive lens. We like to see it a similar way, which is why we decided to continue the tradition through our vibrantly colored inflatable sugar skulls. Our inflatable calaveras come in a variety of colors and patterns that are great for parties and events. The increasingly popular holiday immediately following Halloween, is now being celebrated outside of Mexico, with people all over the world joining in. You can join in too. On top of our many festive inflatable skulls, we also have an interactive Dia de los Muertos themed ring toss game that is perfect for large scale celebrations or big family get-togethers. Our day of the dead inflatables also include a huge esqueleto, a Dia de los Muertos themed skeleton with and without a sombrero. All of our inflatables are constructed using commercial grade materials that are guaranteed to last. Made in the USA. 

Day of the Dead inflatable black sugar skull
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