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Giant Inflatable Sea Creatures

Creatable Inflatables offers the largest selection of In-Stock Oceanic Inflatables for Sale and Rental in the United States.

Creating a Custom Shaped Inflatable - If you're interested in constructing a Giant Custom Shaped Inflatable with your design, Creatable Inflatables will undoubtedly meet your expectations from concept to completion. Our proprietary design software combined with our state of the art digital printing techniques allow us to create the most realistic looking Giant Custom Shaped Inflatables in the Industry.

Giant Custom Shaped Inflatables for Rental - We have over 1,600 Giant Custom Shaped Themed Inflatables available for rentals. Sizes range from 5' up to 30' in height or length. All Giant Custom Shaped Inflatable Rentals are available for as many days as needed. Pricing is determined by the type of Custom Shaped Inflatable, Size and Duration of Rental. Minimum 1 day.

Giant inflatable realistic megalodon shark

Giant Inflatable Sea Creatures Available For Sale and Rentals:
Giant Inflatable Fish | Inflatable Octopus | Inflatable Turtle | Inflatable Walrus | Inflatable Humpback Whale | Inflatable Penguin | Inflatable Iguana | Inflatable Shark | Inflatable Lobster | Inflatable Crab | Inflatable Star Fish Sea Creatures Sizes Available from: 5', 10', 15', 20', 25', up to 30' in height or length.

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