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Inflatable Farm Animals

Animals are awesome, and we manufacture realistic inflatable animal replicas that can be used for all types of events. We make all kinds of animals, including giant inflatable farm animals to safari animals, and even some oceanic ones too. We have two giant cows that can be manufactured to over 40 feet in length with a height of over 25 feet. Talk about a BIG bovine. For our cows, we make a brown Limousine cow and also the popular Holstein Friesian “dairy” cow. We also make pink pigs that are more on the cartoony side, as well as a turkey, kneeling sheep, rabbit, and a rubber ducky if you’d consider that a farm animal.

15 ft. Giant inflatable realistic cow

Our inflatable farm animals can be manufactured with varying degrees of realism. Our designers have the ability to create inflatable shapes and by adding high resolution digital graphics, we’re able to make some shapes look like animals that appear convincingly real. On top of that, we can customize any farm animal to have custom branding or messaging anywhere on its surface. Additionally, we can print banners that can be placed on the body of the animal.

Customization is what we do. With our in-house printing and design departments, we’re able to create amazing inflatable characters, shapes, and structures to your exact specifications. But, what exactly does that mean? Well, we have the ability to create huge inflatable props or structures with custom high resolution digital printing so they can appear realistic and as big as you want. With some models, we can achieve hyper-realism. We use advanced art and design programs to our advantage to create spectacular optical illusions.

All of our inflatable farm animals are constructed using commercial grade materials that are certified fire resistant and U.V. coated for increased longevity. If you’re looking to get a custom printed inflatable animal that will turn some heads, then we are the company for your project. All of our custom inflatable products are manufactured in California, just outside Los Angeles. 

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