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40 ft. Giant Inflatable Cow

Updated: Feb 3

40 ft. Giant Inflatable Cow
40 foot Huge Inflatable Cow

Holy cow! That is one BIG bovine. This wayyy larger than life 40 foot long Holstein cow replica was designed with realistic skin and hair textures that make it look a bit more lifelike. The realistic “textures” is what separates our realistic line of inflatable animals versus more conventional ones.

Print quality is something we take very seriously. With our in-house design and printing departments, we’re able to print some really neat things. If you look closely at this cow, it appears to have hair, yet it’s simply a printed illusion. Our designers are not sorcerers, they just have many years of experience in creating unique, and noteworthy designs. All digital printing is done in-house and we coat all printed material with a U.V. protectant to further extend its lifespan. For maximum safety, we also only use certified fire resistant material in all of our inflatables.

We like making inflatable animals, which is why we keep making new models. Famous for being white with black spots, this specific breed of cow is regularly exploited around the world for its mammary secretions, which is why it’s commonly referred to as a dairy cow. In the past, we’ve also made a brown Limousin cow, several pink pigs, a giraffe, a lion, a camel, an elephant, a rhino, a hippo, a sea turtle and so many more. If you’re looking for a particular animal that we haven’t made yet, let us know and we’ll make it just for you! If you want the animal to look realistic, we can make it happen.

Custom printing is an option on every product we make. If you like our giant inflatable cow, but you want your logo on it, we can easily make that happen. We’ll even show you a detailed mock-up of the cow with your branding. Our renderings are always free, and if you’re looking for revisions, those are free too. If you’re in the market for a stunning realistic animal replica, let us know and we’ll make it for you. Made in the USA.


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