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Giant Inflatable Dinosaurs

Creatable Inflatables offers several types of Giant Inflatable Dinosaurs

Our Giant Inflatable Dinosaurs are available for sale or for rental. All our Giant Inflatable Dinosaurs are manufactured in the United States.

Here are the types and sizes of Inflatable Dinosaurs we currently offer.

25' by 50' long Inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex or better known as our Inflatable T Rex
25' by 46' long Inflatable Brontosaurus
18' tall by 54' long Inflatable Triceratops

In case you re interested in renting our Giant Advertising Inflatable Dinosaurs we do recommend booking two weeks in advance.

For Rental - Our Giant Inflatable Dinosaurs Inventory is limited and we only offer 2 of each size Inflatable Dinosaur listed above.

In case you re interested in Purchasing our Giant Advertising Inflatable Dinosaurs the turnaround time will be 3 to 4 weeks.

If you re interested in ordering your Giant Inflatable Dinosaur or Dinosaurs call our sales staff at (626) 579-4454

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