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Custom Advertising Inflatable Signs & Banners

An Innovative Approach in Advertising

An ideal alternative to creating an effective and inexpensive advertising program at a fraction of the cost compared to other methods. The invention of the "Inflatable Sign" is one of the most popular forms of advertising being utilized today.

Billboards are an expensive alternative that until now was a necessary advertising medium. Our "Inflatable Sign" will allow you to spend your funds wisely and efficiently. The cost you incur with one billboard, you can lease 2 to 3 inflatable signs and advertise at several locations.

All mini inflatable signs are designed with a valve system. Once inflation is achieved the valve is designed to lock in air. No continuous blower system is required. The blower provided is used to inflate until the sign is completely filled. Available in 3 sizes 5' by 6'; 8' by 10' and 12' by 15'

The inflatable signs can effectively advertise your message to passerby's on the freeways or high traffic streets. Not only can the 'Inflatable Sign' provide you with daytime exposure, but also with our night light system, you can rely on 24-hour awareness.

Not a Typical Billboard - Not just part of the landscape like your typical billboard. Our 'Inflatable Sign' is distinguishable because of its pillowy design. Additional awareness can also be created by adding flags.

Two-Sided - Typically when leasing a billboard, advertising is placed on one side of the board only. With an 'Inflatable Sign', you can install your messages on both sides.

Temporary and Mobile - The biggest advantages of the inflatable signs over permanent billboards are their mobility, which allows you to place the unit on the ground or rooftop. You also have complete control of installing them for varying periods, whether for one day or one year.

An inflatable tubular structure with a 5ft. base capable of effectively using both sides of the Inflatable Sign for advertising.

5ft. Base to overcome parapets
The base of the Inflatable Sign serves a dual purpose, if needed. First, it allows the sign to reach beyond the parapet which on the average reach a height of 3' to 5'. Secondly, the customer can attach an extra set of banners, front and back if there is no parapet obstructing the view from the rooftop or ground.

Banner Areas
The actual dimensions of the Inflatable Sign are not necessarily representative of the banner area. See Price list for banner dimensions. The inflatable sign has the ability to retain up to 6 banners; 2 on front, 2 on back and 2 on the sides. You have the option of affixing banners with text or combining graphic images. Prices will vary according to size and complexity.

Flags are optional items that create additional awareness when combined with the inflatable sign. 5 sleeves are placed internally along the top section to accommodate the pvc pipe and 3' by 5' flags. Silk screening is also available. Prices are determined by complexity.

Popular Sizes
The Inflatable sign is available in a variety of sizes. The most commonly used are the 20' x 20', 20' x 25' and 20' x 30'.

Wind Load
It is designed to withstand high winds up to 50 miles per hour

Maintenance Service Program
Promotional Design Group offers both Local and National support for our services. We have contacts throughout the United States available to perform the necessary installations for our customers.

Camera Ready Artwork
By simply supplying us with your camera ready artwork your order will be replicated to your specifications. With our state-of-the-art digital printer, we produce picture quality artwork in half the time of normal silk-screening and at a greater savings to you.

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