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Custom Airtight Inflatables

Our sealed inflatables or airtight inflatables are inflatable products that do not require a constant blower system to keep them inflated. In the inflatable industry, there are generally two major types of inflatable products, and those are dual layered airtight models and single layered cold-air models. Continuous blower models, which are our cold air models, are single layered inflatables that require non-stop inflation through the use of an internal or external inflator. These inflators vary in size and power, but airtight inflatables do not require them. Airtight inflatables have two layers, an internal airtight bladder, and an external printed cover that is wrapped over the internal inflated bladder. Flexibility in design is something we like to focus on, which is why we offer two inflation options for most of our inflatables. Airtight inflatables offer true freedom from the electrical outlet. So if you’re setting up in a place that might not have power, getting a sealed inflatable prop might be a good choice. 

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