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Giant Inflatable Party Tent New Braunfels

Updated: Jun 27

Giant Inflatable Pub Party Tent New Braunfels
Giant Inflatable Pub Party Tent New Braunfels

Custom printed inflatable tents are our specialty. Just take a look at this highly detailed inflatable pub tent. This custom canopy features full digital printing, inside and out! People will be instantly transported to a German style pub when they walk inside this premium inflatable tent.

Constructed using commercial grade materials, our inflatable tents are designed to last many years, even in the elements. We apply a special U.V. coating that further protects and preserves the high resolution printed digital graphics. We also utilize the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for accurate color reproduction.

Our top tier design team has the ability to create amazing products that really impress. Our custom projects can have unlimited color and design options so you can go nuts with as many colors and logos that you want. We can design your inflatable tent with a popular holiday theme as well. Just let us know what theme or style you’re interested in and we’ll come up with something just for you. Made in the USA.



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