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25 ft. Giant Inflatable Patriotic Uncle Sam

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

25 ft. Giant Inflatable Patriotic Uncle Sam

Display America's favorite icon atop your business in this 25 ft. Giant Inflatable Uncle Sam Prop which will definitely increase awareness to your establishment. This well-dressed fellow is an American classic and will stir the patriot in you. Meanwhile, setting up a Giant Custom Inflatable Uncle Sam Prop will usher in more foot traffic; people of all ages love Giant inflatable props. Creatable Inflatables has successfully designed and manufactured Giant Custom Inflatable Props for over 30 years and we have a keen understanding of how much of an impact our designs have on the success of our client's events. We have built a career in building for our client's professional success. The 25 ft. Giant Uncle Sam Prop is available for Purchase or Rental; ask a representative about other sizes available.


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