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10 ft. Giant Inflatable Dog Boxer

Updated: Apr 2

10ft Giant Inflatable Dog Boxer
10ft Giant Inflatable Dog Boxer

Looking for an Inflatable Dog Boxer Prop for Rent or Sale? Creatable Inflatables has the largest selection of Giant Inflatable Props in the World available for rent or sale, with over 2600 to choose from. Sizes range from 6' tall up to 30' tall. Our giant Custom Inflatable dog boxer has been used by several rescues to promote awareness at adoption events throughout the United States. This great looking 10' tall Custom Inflatable Boxer Prop really draws lots of attention because of the realistic artwork that was produced and applied by our Inflatable Design Team. Locally dog rescue groups at adoption events for Boxers in Los Angeles and Orange County California have seen a dramatic increase in the adoption rate for boxers. For more information please fill out the fields on the bottom side or call us at (626) 579-4454



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