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25 ft. Giant Inflatable Blue Gorilla for Rental

Updated: Aug 30

25 ft. Giant Inflatable Blue Gorilla for rental at car dealerships
Car Dealership Inflatable Gorilla

Looking for a Giant Inflatable Gorilla Prop for Sale or Rental? Look no further Creatable Inflatables has the largest selection of Giant Sized Inflatable Props in the world. With over 2,400 Advertising Inflatable Props to choose from in different sizes. We offer three different types of Advertising Giant Inflatable Gorilla Props for Sale or Rental. If you’re interested in renting we can take care of all the logistics, shipping and handling and coordinating delivery of your giant inflatable prop to your location and back to ours once your event is over. For more information on Cost to Purchase or Rent , fill out the fields on the right side or call us at (626) 579-4454.


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