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20 ft. Giant Inflatable Christmas Gift Box

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

20 ft. Giant Inflatable Christmas Gift Box
20 ft. Giant Inflatable Christmas Gift Box

What better gift is there then to enjoy a good old fashioned game and day out at Angel's Stadium, so celebrate this truism by displaying a 20 ft. Cube Giant Inflatable Gift Box prop with Bow at your location. Thousands of guests will walk pass this giant inflatable prop and when they do they will each be reminded of what an awesome gift experience it is to be able to watch their favorite team. Setting up a Giant Inflatable Prop at an outdoor event is easy, smart advertising, and generates a lot of enthusiasm. Partner with Creatable Inflatables for a home run victory party with an advertising Giant Inflatable Prop and delight all your business affiliates and guests alike. Another consideration is to personalize this inflatable prop with your team or a sponsor logo as wrapping paper. Contact a Creatable Inflatables representative today to discuss your options for customizing a Giant Inflatable Prop for your upcoming special event.


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