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10x10 Beige Inflatable Misting Station

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

10x10 Beige Inflatable Misting Station

Entertain your clients with a cool idea when you display a 10x10 Inflatable Misting Station by Creatable Inflatables at your next event. This lovely design is available for sale or rental and will be an excellent addition to your Special Event or Big Promotion, especially if you expect large crowds. When you purchase a high quality product from our company there is always the option to customize it with your company's brand name or special logo on the unit itself. Prior to production a talented Graphic Designer will send you a 3 dimensional rendering according to your exact art specifications. Customized banners are another example of how you may personalize a 10x10 Inflatable Misting Station and banners would be an excellent option for those companies interested in renting the 10x10 Inflatable Misting Station; a valuable marketing tool for any business.

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