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Advertising mini-rotatable balloons

A Compact Solution To Your Huge Advertising Needs

Be one of the first in your area to try our 'Mini-Rotatables' specialty display product. This invaluable spinning inflatable has swept away the nation with its diverse applications. Whether indoors or outdoors, the 'Mini-Rotatables' will continuously spin your featured promotion, product replica, event or text message 360 degrees

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The 'Mini-Rotatables' are versatile enough to be used in many applications, from Grand Openings; Sales; Sporting Events; Special Events and Parades the applications are endless.

The 'Mini-Rotatables' can be simply installed in less than 5 minutes, since they require no tie-downs or stakes. Our built in dolly system virtually eliminates any lifting. If you have ever imagined the ideal marketing tool, then 'Mini-Rotatables' is your answer.

What helps make this product especially unique is its ability to be displayed at eye level, and draw attention from every corner. If your location is surrounded by adjacent businesses, 'Mini-Rotatables' can help draw hundreds to you simply by the motion generated with our unique 'One of a Kind' renowned and patented rotating device. For example, with our popular hot air balloon design, clients can either display one banner the circumference of the balloon or utilize two separate banners with graphic images and/or text.

In fact, according to 'Sign of the Times' magazine at least 90% of audiences are drawn to motion and signage with movement versus static forms of advertisement. With this in mind, it is no wonder why the effectiveness of the 'Rotatable Inflatables' and its smaller counterpart 'Mini-Rotatables' have taken off with enormous success. And, best of all, if you are seeking versatility in your next advertising tool, consider if you will the option to display the 'Mini-Rotatables' for nighttime illumination, that's night time exposure to your business and services. The internal light system on your 'Mini Inflatable' is just another added feature that sets it apart from any other product currently in the market.

Due to an overwhelming response of the original 'Mini-Rotatables' multicolor hot air balloon design, we have increased our inventory to stock the latest and most visually stunning custom designs. From Seasonal Inflatables, Custom Shapes to actual miniature Product Replicas, allow 'Mini-Rotatables' to work wonders for your business or bring an added dimension of animation to your special events.

For more information on how you can own or rent the 'Mini-Rotatables', please contact our staff at (626) 579-4454

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