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Important Patent Information

Type of Patent: Utility Rotating Balloon Apparatus
Date of Patent: Jan. 2, 2001
Patent Number: 6,167,924
Inventors: Gary & Linda Buckley

Creative Inflatables and Promotional Design Group are the exclusive distributors of Rotating Balloons and/or Inflatables for Gary and Linda Buckley who own utility Patent 6,167,924. Anyone who is associated thru means of renting, purchasing and distributing Rotating Balloons and/or Inflatables from sources other than Creative Inflatables and Promotional Design Group will be in violation of Patent 6,167,924 and can be subject to fines, and or imprisonment as well as compensation for the amount of the rental or purchase price of the rotating balloon and/or inflatable. All units will also be subject to confiscation.

Imposters- Anyone who claims that they're attaining they're own patent because their rotating balloon apparatus is different from Patent 6,167,924 is providing false information. Utility patents are not based on design but on its claims. No utility patent will be issued for a rotating balloon apparatus to anyone else in the world, since one already has been issued to Gary and Linda Buckley in January of 2001. Only in a Design Patent can someone alter the design by a certain percentage and avoid patent infringement. Gary and Linda Buckley have a Utility Patent not a Design Patent.

The claims stated in patent 6,167,924 would be virtually impossible to replicate without infringement. Any rotating balloon apparatus that violates the first claim and sub claims (a, b, c, d and e) will be in violation and infringing on patent 6,167,924. The design basically covers 22 claims.

First Claim: What is claimed is

1. A balloon rotation apparatus comprising:

  • (a) A base:

  • (b) A rotator plate rotatably located relative to the base on a main axis and having an air passage opening therein;

  • (c) Means for sealingly fastening an inlet extremity of a balloon envelope to the rotator plate with the air passage opening in fluid communication with an inflatable cavity of the balloon envelope;

  • (d) A motor drive for rotating the rotator plate relative to the main axis; and

  • (e) Means for coupling gas under pressure to the air passage opening for inflating the balloon and maintaining the inflation while the rotator plate is being rotated

In order to obtain a copy of Patent # 6,167,924 you can search under United States Patent and Trademark Office thru your search engine.

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