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Giant Thanksgiving Inflatables

This thanksgiving season, give your guests the most festive experience yet. If you’re looking to promote a special Thanksgiving themed event, our inflatable Turkeys are the best way to go. We manufacture giant inflatable turkeys, as well as realistic pumpkins that look like actual pumpkins! No joke. Our huge inflatable pumpkins are fully digitally printed, which means that 100% of the inflatable is printed and that gives us the freedom to design it however we want. So what makes our inflatables look so real? Spoiler, it’s all in the digital graphics. Our designers spend many hours developing and enhancing the artwork by adding shadows, gloss effects, and “textured” photography. Since we have an in-house printing department, we can print anything, anytime we want. With that resource at our fingertips, we can print custom projects relatively quickly. Customization is available on all of our products, so if you’re looking to get a turkey, pumpkin, or even our upcoming cornucopia with assorted fruits and vegetables, you can get it printed with your own branding. 

20x40 Happy Thanksgiving tent with inflatable pumpkins no face and 10 ft. turkey

On top of that, we also carry a 20x40 Tentflatable, which is a modified 20x40 standard frame with Thanksgiving themed inflatable props up on top. The fun and unique tent features a turkey and two pumpkins at the peak, with “Happy Thanksgiving” on the two large top panels. Many of our products are available for rental and purchase, but if you’re looking for something more custom, we’re here to help! Our design team has over 37 years of experience in manufacturing high quality inflatable props for the entertainment, film, food, and energy industries, to name a few. Suffice it to say, we can design virtually anything you want. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so give us a call today.

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