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10x20 Inflatable Cooling Misting Station Aquafina

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

10x20 Inflatable Cooling Misting Station Aquafina

Step right up for a cool, refreshing mist on your face and enjoy making memories with your clients at your next special promotional event with a dynamic 10x20 Inflatable Misting Station. As a Creatable Inflatables' client you will have the option to display effective banners or have your company or client's company logos printed directly onto the actual inflatable unit. Either method is a win win situation for your event. Because the structure is made of a durable, commercial grade U.S. vinyl, it will last for years to come. As a leader in designing innovative promotional products, we believe you will be extremely satisfied with the results of the 10x20 Inflatable Misting Station in your Advertising Tours.

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