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10x10 Inflatable Misting Station Dasani

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

10x10 Inflatable Misting Station Dasani

Dive into a doubly refreshing experience with the invigorating Dasani Water Misting Station Prop. Promoting your brand with a specially designed Misting Station manufactured by Creatable Inflatables is a brilliant marketing idea that will make both a refreshing and lasting impression upon all your guests. Set this up at your events and your installation will be a huge attraction. There are so many creative options available to you when you partner with Creatable Inflatables. For instance, you have the option of customizing banners to strategically place on the Misting Station Prop versus having your company brand printed directly onto the vinyl. Our design team is fully available to collaborate with you, contact us via email or call us.


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