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Custom Giant Inflatable Shapes

Creatable Inflatables has been manufacturing Custom Giant Shaped Inflatables since 1984.

All Custom Giant Shaped Inflatables are made in the United States in Los Angeles California.

Creatable Inflatables offers the largest selection of Custom Giant Shaped Inflatables in the United States. We also use the best materials in the manufacturing of all promotional Inflatables. We offer warranties that range from 1 to 3 years depending on the type of Inflatable.

Here are the most popular types of Giant Advertising Inflatables:

Inflatable Product Replicas are typically beverage cans, canned food and bottles which are the most popular Product Replicas created as a Giant Advertising Inflatables that range in size from 5 ft. up to 50 ft.

Custom Inflatable Shapes

We have an experienced staff of artist that can recreate your character into a Giant Advertising Inflatable to almost an exact match from 6 ft. up to 50 ft. in height.

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