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Giant Inflatable Wonderland Props

Follow the white rabbit. Get lost and tumble down the rabbit hole into another realm of possibilities. You could almost swear you were tripping on a hallucinogenic substance, but we assure you, all of our Wonderland themed inflatables are exactly that, inflatables. They’re not just normal inflatables though, our inflatable props are commercial grade and constructed to last. Our wonderland inflatables are available for both rental and purchase. Multiple sizes and styles are available. Looking at a giant inflatable caterpillar along with some brightly colored mushrooms with patterns would make most think they were having some type of psychedelic episode of some type. Again, we assure you, there is nothing wrong with you. Our vibrantly colored wonderland mushrooms can be the perfect decorations for any Alice in Wonderland themed events. Our giant white rabbit would be a wonderful entrance piece. If you’re looking for a caffeine boost, seek out the mad hatter, he’s got some good tea and crazy ideas. That Cheshire cat is a little creepy, so keep an eye out for that thing. Oh and for obvious reasons, avoid the Queen of Hearts all together. Enjoy Wonderland. Made in the USA. 

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