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Giant Inflatable Statues

Icons of our Time


Inflatable statues are stunning 3D reproductions of famous icons throughout history. These statues are custom designed to look like actual statues made from stone or metal. Our talented design team uses a variety of advanced design programs to achieve a realistic look and we can manufacture them to grand scales. When it comes to appearance, we can make our statues look like they’re made from other materials as well, such as wood or obsidian. The design capabilities are truly endless. Wouldn’t it be great to see giant statues of Martin Luther King, Jr., Nikola Tesla, or George Washington? Maybe we’ll get around to creating all the U.S. Presidents one day. 

Inflatable statue of Abraham Lincoln

Our design team has many years of experience in designing realistic three dimensional shapes and figures. Combined with a knowledgeable production team, we’ve figured out how to create stunning realistic inflatable statues. Imagine if the David by Michelangelo was able to be transported easily to every major city? That would be amazing. Well, with our giant inflatable statues, you can do exactly that. But guess what? We can even make giant realistic busts of living icons. Our designers can even reproduce their faces just like when they were alive. So you’re not limited to just other materials, because we can make them look like living people! 


If you have an idea in mind for an inflatable statue, let us know and we’ll make a custom design just for you. We can create all types of designs, including busts, figures, and figures with bases or fancy ornate pedestals. All of our statues are constructed with commercial grade materials that are meant to last. Made in the USA. 

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