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20 ft. Giant Inflatable Calico Cat

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

20ft Giant Inflatable Calico Cat

Nothing purrs as melodically and as gentle giant as this 20 ft. long Giant Inflatable Calico Cat Prop designed by Creatable Inflatables. The detail of her coat, yellow eyes, and pink nose are immaculate and very life-like. This beautifully crafted inflatable prop would be especially effective at a Pet Adoption, Cat Expo, Veterinary Clinic, Spay/Neuter or Pet Tag/Micro-Chip Event or Pet Fundraisers. The 20 ft. long Giant Inflatable Calico Cat Prop will attract the attention of cat lovers and non-cat lovers alike with her peaceful countenance. Contact a Creatable Inflatables Inflatable Prop Specialist today to inquire on how you may purchase or rent this ever popular prop.



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