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10 ft. Giant Inflatable Lucky Cat

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

10 ft. Giant Inflatable Lucky Cat
10 ft. Giant Inflatable Lucky Cat

Looking for a Giant Inflatable Cat Prop for Sale or Rental? What can I say. We have two different types of Giant Inflatable Cat Props that we've sold and rented to Rescue and Shelters across the United States. Locally in Los Angeles California many Rescues and Shelters use our giant Inflatable Cat Props to create awareness for their cat adoptions. We have a giant Inflatable Calico Cat Prop and an Inflatable Lucky Cat Prop that look so real that they've become a sensation and attraction at events for many rescues all over. Isn't this great! Our giant Inflatable Cat props make a difference and get results which equal to adoptions. Yehhhhh!!!!! For more information on our Giant Cat Props please call us at (626) 579-4454 or fill out the information fields on the bottom side, we'll get back to you right away.



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