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Giant inflatable dental Props

Giant Inflatable Tooth Prop Great Promotional Tool For Your Advertising Needs

Rent Or Purchase one of our Giant Inflatable Tooth Props to attract attention to your Dental Office? One of the best ways to attain business for your Dental office is by using one of our Giant Inflatable Tooth Props. By simply placing our Inflatable Tooth on the Rooftop of your business or right outside in front you will surly create an impact beyond belief. Most passer bys will certainly remember you exist even after the Giant Inflatable Tooth is removed from your Dental office because of the subliminal message it produces.

Inflatable Tooth Prop Sizes
Our Giant Inflatable Tooth Props are available in 4 different sizes: 10 ft. tall; 15 ft. tall; 20 ft. tall and 25 ft. tall.

Giant Inflatable Tooth Props For Trade Shows
Our Giant Inflatable Tooth props have been rented or purchased by many Dental Associations and Organizations across the United States for their Trade Show Exhibits. Several Trade Show Organizers have also used our Giant Inflatable Tooth Props to compliment their Trade Shows.


Giant Inflatable Tooth Prop For Festivals and Events
Festivals and events that are community based usually bring in thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of people and are a great source of attracting attention to your booth and attaining new business. By renting a 10x10 booth or Space at a Festival or Special Event along with a Giant Inflatable Tooth Prop by its side you will let your community know that you exist and our Giant Inflatable Tooth prop will create such an effective subliminal message that you'll be sure that you will be remembered even after the Inflatable Tooth Prop is removed by many of the festival and event goers.

Just imagine A Giant Inflatable Tooth that measures 10'up to 25' in height. Most Festival or Event goers will certainly be impacted by this unique and innovative advertising tool. You can compliment your Giant Inflatable Tooth by purchasing a one of a kind 10x10 Custom Printed Pop Up Tent manufactured by Creatable Inflatables with your logos and graphics to really stand out from all the event booths around your space and add that professional touch.

Our Giant Inflatable Tooth Props Are Available For Rent Or For Sale
I would recommend purchasing over a rental if you imagine you will be using our Giant Inflatable Tooth prop for several events or to place outside of your business on your rooftop or on the ground in front to attract attention.

For more information regarding our Giant Inflatable Tooth Prop, please call one of our Sales Executives at (626) 579-4454 or fill out the fields on the bottom side. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You for visiting Creatable Inflatables

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