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Giant Birthday Inflatables

Celebrate another fantastic birthday with a giant inflatable cake replica. Ranging in multiple sizes, our gigantic cakes are sure to make an impression. Perfect for use as a photo backdrop, our inflatable cakes will give any party that ambiance and energy it needs. People like to show off with big fancy parties, so why not use one of our giant inflatable cakes to make it even more grandiose. This over-the-top inflatable prop is guaranteed to turn some heads and let your friends know where the party is at! Oh yeah, we can also print a custom banner to place on the cake to customize it and make your own. Imagine seeing that sucker up on the rooftop, it’ll make some heads turn for sure. Just make sure the party doesn’t get too out of hand! Made in the USA. 

24 ft. Giant inflatable Happy Birthday cake South El Monte
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