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40 ft. Giant Inflatable Minion

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

40 ft. Giant Inflatable Minion

40 ft. Giant Minion Inflatable

Believe it or not, but this giant inflatable minion wasn’t created to promote the film: Minions Rise of Gru, but more of a prop for a few short YouTube skits. Who would want a giant 40’ inflatable minion, you might ask? Well, none other than Mr. Beast. The well-known YouTuber currently has 106 million subscribers on Google’s popular video platform. He certainly has content hungry fans just waiting for his upcoming videos. Since his content is more geared towards a younger audience, it makes sense as to why he’d pick a silly, yet lovable character such as a minion.

In an attempt to create the world's biggest minion, we created this 40 foot gentle giant. With such a huge canvas, so to speak, we were able to get some high resolution graphics to really stand out. The realistic overalls were especially cool. Our designers took extra time to make sure the overalls looked like proper denim. The sheer scale of the minion and the quality of the print is something to note, since we can achieve high resolution print on large scale products.

Our giant inflatable characters are custom built from the ground up. So what does that mean? Well, since we manufacture these inflatable props in-house, it means that we design them using computer software first, then we print them, coat them, cut them, sew them, and finally test them out. These different steps of production are crucial and everything needs to be properly put together to achieve a high quality product that is guaranteed to last. Sadly, this giant inflatable minion was killed a mere couple of weeks after it was picked up from our location in South El Monte, CA. Mr. Beast and his posse went to town on the poor minion. Spoiler alert, they used samurai swords and medieval weaponry. Normally our inflatables last a lot longer. Lol.



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