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35 ft. Giant Inflatable Santa Claus

Updated: Jul 18

35 ft. Giant Inflatable Santa Claus
35 ft. Giant Inflatable Santa Claus
35 foot tall Giant Inflatable Santa
35 foot tall Giant Inflatable Santa

This Holiday season, GO BIG with a giant 35 foot inflatable Santa Claus. If you want to stand out and get noticed, then this Santa will give you a wild boost. Our massive inflatable Old Saint Nick was designed to look friendly and welcoming, making it an ideal entrance piece for private and business events of all types.

Want it customized? Since we manufacture our inflatables in-house, we can change the design or add branding and logos to any product. Our designers will create a mock-up for you to see the design before it’s made. During the design phase, we can change the design with your input.

These inflatable Santas are built tough and designed to last many years. The commercial grade construction guarantees many seasons of use. At a massive 35 feet in height, this Santa Claus sticks out like a sore thumb, but in a good way! Designed to be rugged, our inflatable Santas can withstand inclement weather from here (California’s sunny coast) to the Mississippi and beyond.

Our inflatable Santas are not just the only Christmas themed inflatables we have, we also carry gift bows, ornaments, snowmen, Rudolph reindeer, a realistic Santa Claus, several toy soldiers, wreaths, and more. We have a huge variety of inflatable props to choose from. Our holiday inflatables are among our most popular and many models are available for rental and purchase. To check out our inventory of hand built inflatables, give us a call today. Made in California, USA.

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