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Giant Inflatable Light Bulb Prop

Updated: Mar 6

Giant Inflatable Light Bulb Prop

Got an idea for a custom inflatable in the shape of a light bulb? Let us know and we’ll make it for you. We make commercial grade inflatable props in all types of shapes and sizes. What are you looking to get?

This particular model is a giant inflatable light bulb on a custom blower box with wheels. We have a wide array of talented people that are constantly developing new products that make life easier. With a wheeled blower base, one can easily inflate this light bulb and reposition it anywhere you want without a hassle.

Branding of your own can be easily applied to any inflatable product we manufacture. As you can see in the image, the base is printed with the client’s own logo and information. Since we manufacture and print our inflatables in-house, we can literally change anything or customize any product to your exact specifications. We digitally print on tough vinyl and polyester materials that are guaranteed to last. On top of that, we also apply a protective U.V. coating to extend the lifespan of the material and graphics.

If you’re looking to get a custom inflatable light bulb, electrical plug, or any other shape you’re interested in, give us a call or send us an email. We’ve been making inflatable props for over 35 years, and we’ll make something for you that you’re going to love. Made proudly in California, USA.



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