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Inflatable Patriotic Uncle Sam on Rocket

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Inflatable Patriotic Uncle Sam on Rocket Labor Day Sale

Your giant promotion is about to take off in big way when you display this beautiful, patriotic Large Custom Inflatable Uncle Sam on a Rocket Prop at your business. Attracting large crowds to your location is every business owner's dream and now that dream is absolutely possible when you display a Giant custom inflatable prop on your rooftop or storefront. Creatable Inflatables will customize a banner for you that would be tailor made for your specific promotion. Also, the Large Custom Inflatable Uncle Sam Prop is for Sale or if you prefer this popular prop is available for Rental. Our team has successfully designed and fabricated giant custom inflatable props for over 30 years and know first-hand that giant props are still the most cost efficient and promotionally powerful tool available today.


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