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Inflatable Dome tent with Tunnels Force of nature

Updated: Jul 17

inflatable Dome tent with Tunnels Force of nature

Our team of professionals are equipped with years of technical expertise and practical knowledge to advise you on the most effective inflatable design for your company's goals and purposes. The Giant Custom Inflatable Tent as you can attest to from the image, makes an outstanding entrance installation to welcome your guests. This design is an outstanding investment and because it is made with 100% U.S. Grade materials, it will last for years to come. A little known secret is the ease with which giant inflatable props are set up. All that is required is unpacking the inflatable prop from the carrying bag, unfolding it onto a tarp, and attaching it to the small blower which is included in your purchase. Simple! Contact a Creatable Inflatables Sales Associate for a quote or to place your order today.

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