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Happy Holidays Tent with Inflatable Penguins

Updated: Nov 15

20x40 Happy Holidays Tent with Inflatable Penguins
20x40 Happy Holidays Tent with Inflatable Penguins

These adorable Custom Inflatable Penguins set atop a commercial grade, professionally crafted Custom Tent will be the centerpiece of your Special Event or Promotion this Holiday Season. Frolicking penguins playing along a snow capped tent top which announces "Happy Holidays," is sure to warm hearts of all ages. Making memories that will last a lifetime is exactly the feeling captured in this dynamic design by Creatable Inflatables seen here. Set this animated Custom Tent at your location and you will attract happy hearts and create a magical wonderland atmosphere for all your guests.

Act fast! The Frolicking Penguin Parade Custom Tent is a highly desirable specialty product in our inventory. Presently, the Custom Inflatable Penguin Parade Custom Tent is available for Purchase or Rental, exclusively through Inflatable Prop experts Creatable Inflatables of Los Angeles California. From an Advertising standpoint, this design is extremely effective because it promotes action, fun, and good times. Contact an Account Executive today to discuss the many exciting ways of customizing your order with your company's unique logo printed onto the Custom Tent or Custom Inflatable or both.

The materials used to fabricate this amazing, one of a kind Custom Inflatable and Custom Tent combo are made in the U.S.A.; including the actual labor. Our team is ready to build an excellent Advertising design that will increase sales and enhance the experience for your customers all throughout the Holiday Season. Thank you for your interest in our Custom Inflatable Prop and Tent expertise. Additional information is available to you at 626-579-4454 or simply complete the Request Info section to the right, and a member of our team will be in contact with you in a timely manner. Partnering with Creatable Inflatables will inspire you in Giant leaps and bounds!

Giant Inflatable Penguins

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