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Giant Inflatable UFO Men In Black Daytime

Updated: 2 days ago

30 ft. Giant Inflatable UFO Men In Black Daytime
30 ft. Giant Inflatable UFO Men In Black Daytime

Giant Inflatable UFO used for feature film MIB (Men In Black) Daytime When a major motion picture studio is in production of a feature film and in need of professional, high quality, custom inflatable props they call on the inflatable design expertise of Creatable Inflatables. Our 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Los Angeles California is easily accessible to many of the major Hollywood motion picture studies. Our 31 years of experience has positioned our company as an inflatable prop design authority worldwide! Moreover, our team is fully and professional equipped to facilitate massive projects with narrow deadlines in an expeditious manner. We appreciate your interest in partnering with Creatable Inflatables for all your custom inflatable prop needs.

Giant Inflatable UFO


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