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Giant Inflatable Tent Olley

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Giant Inflatable Tent Olley

Building a superior product is a great start to building lasting relationships; which is why Olley contracted Creatable Inflatables to design this immaculate 25x40 Inflatable Custom Tent. One of the greatest features of our Giant designs is the ease involved in their set up and takedown. This massive promotional structure when deflated will fit into a manageable sized carrying bag. Once unpacked the inflatable design, you would attach any banners, etc then plug into the small blower which is included with your order. Within 5-7 minutes, the 25x40 Inflatable Tent will be fully inflated. At this point, depending on the wind factor, the unit may require some tethering to the ground for added support. In this order, the client decided on a combo, that is incorporated both a banner and digital quality graphics onto the actual inflatable design. The placement of your custom tent at your event will influence the strategic areas to display your company logo. Creatable Inflatables has successfully and masterfully crafted superior, innovative inflatable promotional products for over 30 years. We specialize in tailoring a dynamic inflatable prop that will meet specific marketing needs.


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