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Giant Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Giant Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur

Promote your next event with a Giant Custom Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Prop from the inflatable prop experts at Creatable Inflatables. Bring a fierceness to your special Trade Show, Festival, or other special exhibit wherever you are expecting to attract large crowds to your location. People are attracted to Giant Inflatable Props to begin with and combine that with a fascination for the beasts of the prehistoric era makes for a memorable time for all. As you can see from the image, there is space for an advertising banner across the chest area of the Giant Custom Inflatable T-Rex. Be sure to mention your promotional needs to a Creatable Inflatables representative for your upcoming event. The Giant Custom Inflatable T-Rex is available for purchase or rental.


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