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Coca-Cola Inflatable Misting Station

Updated: Jul 17

10x10 Coca-Cola Inflatable Misting Station
10x10 Coca-Cola Inflatable Misting Station

Coca-Cola Inflatable Misting Station What does a specialty crafted Misting Station Prop have in common with the popular American soft drink Coca-Cola? Both offer an unparalleled quenching and refreshing unlike any of their competition. While Coca-Cola has established itself as a household term, promoting their name is an ongoing process as their are always new target markets and new generations to impact. Creatable Inflatables remains on the vanguard in our innovations and designs of compelling customize inflatable prop products that will partner perfectly with our clients and their promotional events. Consult a Creatable Inflatables expert for details on how our team could personalize a Misting Station Prop with your unique logo and graphics.

10x10 Coca-Cola Inflatable Misting Tent


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