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8 ft. Giant Inflatable Harley Pig

Updated: Jun 16

8ft Giant Inflatable Harley Pig

Only a truly hip pig could do a leather jacket and add a cool vibe to your event. The Giant 8 ft. Custom Inflatable Pig with Leather Jacket designed by Creatable Inflatables has travelled all over the world and is ready to make an appearance at your next event! You've heard the old adage, "When Pigs Fly!" but this refreshing design squeals, Yes, I know I'm a Giant Pig and yes I know I look stylish in my leather jacket.? This rockin Giant 8 ft. Custom Inflatable Pig will be ideal to promote, Music Festivals, BBQ Smokehouses, Leather Goods Stores, and just about any event you could imagine because this design is so incredibly versatile and popular. Contact a Creatable Inflatables Sales Associate for additional information on how you may promote your upcoming event with the Giant 8 ft. Custom Inflatable Pig with Leather Jacket. Available for Purchase or Rental


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