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30 ft. Giant Custom Inflatable Caterpillar

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

30ft Giant Custom Inflatable Caterpillar

Create a silly, colorful, carefree ambiance with a Creatable Inflatables 30 ft. Giant Custom Caterpillar Prop. Each custom inflatable prop is finely crafted with precision of details. This giant custom inflatable prop will shrink down into a manageable carrying bag and will transport very easily. Set-up is as easy as unpacking item and attaching it to its continuous blower system, then plugging it into a power source. Super easy! Event and Party Planners alike love the fact that because of the ease of set-up and takedown makes for a seamless process. When there are a ton of details to execute Creatable Inflatables is the best partner to have for all your custom inflatable prop needs.


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